Exterior color: Which do you like best?

I was playing with Photoshop and added landscaping, window boxes, a yellow door, and different options of siding colors to our house.  Which one do you like best?
It’s amazing what a difference changing the color of the house makes in the curb appeal. Different people like different things, and if we were selling our house, I know exactly what color I’d pick.

I do know for sure that I want a yellow door.  At our old house, I painted our door green, and I loved it. So a cheerful door is an absolute must.


Dark gray and charcoal are both very popular colors right now for siding. You see these dark colors being used a lot, so they’re right on trend.  How long will the trend last though, and will it look dated in five, ten years?

Dark Taupe
Dark Taupe

Dark taupe is also right on trend now. In our area of the country, it might have a bit more staying power than the charcoal, but is it too dark?


This color is actually the same color as our last house, and we both really liked the color a lot. It was an easy color live with, and it looked wonderful with just about every other color.

Light Taupe
Light Taupe

This color is very neighborhood appropriate. It would freshen up the exterior and not stand out as the odd house in our older neighborhood.  It is, however, very similar to the color of our old house.


Definitely the most bold of the five options. When I was growing up there was a red house with white trim on the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house that I always loved. Yes, even when I was very young, I noticed the color of houses. There is another red house in our neighborhood, so it’s not out the question.

5 options
All five options

Okay… so that’s all of them.  Which one is your favorite?

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